service |ˈsərvis| noun  verb
the action of helping or doing work for someone
  1. an act of assistance
  2. assistance or advice given to customers during and after the sale of goods
  3. perform a service or services for (someone)
Service is putting a plan into action. Once a course of action has been determined, HenryGT can help by implementing the necessary steps to make the plan a reality.

HenryGT can be there for your other service needs too. Whether it’s a problem that crops up on an individual computer occasionally, or configuring new workflow scenarios to make the day-to-day routine run smoothly.

HenryGT provides services in these areas as well as others.

Color Management - custom ICC profiling for monitors, applications, 
wide format inkjet proofing, scanners and digital cameras
Installs - Equipment, Hardware and Software
Computer & Network Service
Training - Software Applications and Techniques
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